Photo by Gary Endall

This is our amazing Ellie – sprinter, acrobat, spider-catcher/re-homer, the most intelligent dog I have ever known.

Despite the best efforts of RSPCA, Newbrook Farm little El died on May 11th this year, aged fifteen. Her  owners were devastated.

I was surprised to find myself spending hours looking at images of dogs needing homes. I wasn’t ready to have a dog. I just kept looking.

In July Denise, of Dogwatch UK, based in Birmingham, suggested I take a look at Isis. I did. And I thought,

“I definitely don’t want a white dog. I don’t want to take on a deaf/blind dog. I just want an ordinary hairy one with long legs.”

Then I fantasised what a dog looking to adopt an owner might think gazing at a photo and description of me!

“Huh. Don’t like the look of her. And it says absent-minded, clumsy and scruffy. And she’s got a false tooth. And a hearing aid. No way.”

Isis had been with Kerry at the Aeza Rescue in Aljezur, Algarve, Portugal since June.  She had been found by rescuers in the middle of the main road of a nearby village, attached to ropes and a five metre chain.

Kerry explained that Isis was blind and partially hearing; she appeared to perceive only light and dark and perhaps some movement. It was uncertain what she might be able to hear.

I replied that the most important thing for me was to be able to take her for walks.

Kerry affirmed that Isis enjoys walks.


Well, Isis is very different from Ellie: different colour, different hairstyle, unique ears and her own interesting personality. Which is good.

Thank you Dogwatch UK.

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  1. Tagmaster says:


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  2. Tagmaster says:

    Grrr… I hadn’t finished. I was trying to say: Excellent work on giving Isis a loving new home and thanks ever so much for your kind words about Ten Year Tags. That’s exactly why we do it ya know, to bring a little bit of joy, often where it’s least expected. Consequently, it’s great to know when it works and someone *gets* what we do. Not everyone does of course and it’s not compulsory! Thanks once again and yes, we are looking forward to seeing Isis, do give her a pat on the noggin from us in the interim. Tagmaster


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