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that was a good week that was

  Sunday Another enjoyable walk in Highbury Park. It’s hard to believe that it is only two weeks since our first ‘perfect walk’ there (November 16th) and that it wasn’t until the following Tuesday that Isis and I began to … Continue reading

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night fright

  In the summer when she first came Isis had no problem with popping out in the garden on her own for a pre-bedtime pee. For several weeks now though she has been fearful of the dark. One night I … Continue reading

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a day in the life of a dog

  A much calmer day today. One might almost call it normal – almost. Isis elected to sleep downstairs last night. Perhaps she needed her own space to recover from last night’s frenzy. I go downstairs in my lovely new … Continue reading

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I’m all shook up

Thursday Tonight Isis has been acting very strangely. She has been lying on the futon, head on my knee, looking relaxed. But every ten minutes or so, for no apparent reason, she has growled menacingly for a minute or more … Continue reading

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two bad legs

Wednesday Now, both of these sexy – or not – lower legs have been attacked. And both by the same set of little white teeth.   I am not concerned about the human wound. It was inflicted accidentally nearly three … Continue reading

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I feel silly in this

  Tuesday  Hrrumph! Winter indeed. Codswallop!     Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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kongs, bins and pigs

  When I asked for ideas for playthings for Isis, Kerry suggested packing a kong with smooth peanut butter. But when I go to my local shop today they only have the crunchy variety. Inanely, I buy a jar of … Continue reading

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I don’t have anything to play with

  Because Isis is able to see only light and shadows and cannot hear enough to follow sounds, I struggle to find playthings which engage her. I think that she is missing out, so would be grateful for any ideas. … Continue reading

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parks are for walking in

  Our delightful walk in Highbury Park last Sunday feels like a new beginning. And all the getting in and out of the car seems to have helped as Isis now leaves the car eagerly whenever I open the door. … Continue reading

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brrr it’s cold down here

  For a while I have been concerned that Isis may not be warm enough downstairs when the heating goes off at night. Both Dogwatch UK and Hannah, who did my home-check, warned me that Spanish dogs feel the cold … Continue reading

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