waiting for Isis – preparing indoors

August 21st

I took a day off yesterday to visit the Matisse exhibition. Amazing.

In four days Isis will leave for England. Gulp.

Two helpful sites suggest marking ‘barriers’ with different scents and/or textures to give a blind/deaf dog information about where she is. Excellent idea.

Now an old towel scented with lavender oil hangs on the back door. Another old towel lies just inside the threshold of the back room.

Later I will sprinkle talcum powder around the entrance to the front room.

I remove as much clutter as possible. Still cluttered. Minimalist living has been a long-held aspiration. Only a dog might make it happen.

Down to Wickes for plumbing insulation and cable ties.

ain't plumbing wonderful


Finally, the stairgate.








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