neighbours and sardines

August 28th

No ‘accidents’. Still clean in the house. Unbelievable.

But another day of spinning and weaving, sniffing and circling.

My neighbour watching her from a bedroom window is very anxious, believing that a dog who spends her day circling must be brain damaged. Her friend explains that Isis has spent much of her short life on the end of a chain.

Isis still won’t come inside. Has she ever been in a house before? I doubt it.

When carried in she cowers and is fixated on the ceiling, shies away from the walls. At night she curls as close to the back door as she can get and is still there in the morning.

My friend N. suggests a tasty bit of sardine appearing magically in her food bowl every now and then might help.

He’s right. It does.

I bring her in and encourage her to ‘discover’ the sardine.

Ten minutes later, we do it again.

Magic! Ten minutes later, she comes into the house on a sardine search.

She has come inside of her own volition for the first time.



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