a beautiful dog

August 31st

Going well.

Kerry sends me this. It’s an image of Isis when Azea workers found her. She was standing in the middle of the main road, the rope round her neck attached to a five metre chain.



Looking at her photos before I met her, I thought she looked interesting but rather strange. Today Ji. comes and thinks she is beautiful. She is.

Next-door neighbour B has reported seeing her “bang her little head” on the  metal legs of the bench.

Ji sits in the garden with her while I dash to Wickes for more pipe insulation.

Then I leave her on her own in the house while I take Ji home. Twenty whole minutes. Will she feel abandoned? Will she panic? Will I hear her desperate howls as I approach the front door?

No. She wags her tail by the back door and reclaims her garden.

Later on B is calling me through the fence. The family are here. They want to see her.

Poor little thing will be like a zoo animal, I think.

But the tables are turned. Five adults stand behind the trellis, hands gripping their ‘cage’. I guffaw.

They think she is beautiful. They “Can’t get over” her ears.

She still insists on sleeping up against the back door. I add a towel and an old fleece jacket to the thin door mat to make her bed more comfortable. She inspects the new arrangement. Taking the edge of the fleece in her teeth, she folds it. Then she lies down.

Goodnight Isis.

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