do I need a condom?

Today I resume encouraging Isis to jump into the car. I am sure that she has gauged the height of the door rim and knows how hard to spring.

As before I place a treat close to the edge of the seat and one further into the car. Once she has wolfed the closer one and twigs that there is a second one, in she pops.

She is very hesitant in the park. We do numerous circuits of the car park before she will venture out through the gap in the fence – her favoured exit – and into the shrubbery.


Here it is shady and safe.

She seems even more resistant than usual to moving out of her comfort zones and there are many lie-down-and-refuse-to-move incidents. I feel guilty that my two day absence has affected her confidence.

Sensing my guilt and back in the car park, she eats most of a condom she digs out from under a car.

I tell her she doesn’t need it as she has been neutered but she knows that I will now spend the next few days anxiously watching for signs of strangulated guts and sick dogs needing to be rushed off to the RSPCA.

And, of course, I will.

She continues to eat heartily.


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