dancing in the park


It was pouring this morning but Isis was keen to be off, skipping out of the front door and into the car. Rain-flies! Exciting or what?

No tentative sniffs, no hesitation, straight out of the car when we reach the park and dancing, dancing and twirling madly, snapping at rain-flies.

For the very first time Isis does not stop in the car-park. She does not sit down and refuse to move. She does not lie down. She twirls and dances, snapping merrily at the air. We are well into one of her established no-go areas before she notices.

Then she makes vigorous lunges in an attempt to go back. But with a few body blocks and encouraging murmurs, we’re heading towards the tennis courts. We proceed round the park until we meet J and Ben. We complete our walk with them.

I note with amusement that although Isis stops now and again she chooses not to sit or lie on the wet ground.


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