Isis and the yellow ring

Two weeks ago, touching, let alone  grooming anywhere near Isis’s head was a no-no. Any attempt elicited a strong “SNAP”!

Each day I have touched her face or ears or chin fleetingly and casually during routines like lead on, lead off, removing plant bits from her hair and feeding. (Actually, I don’t think she’d notice if I permed her tail as long as she was eating. But she eats extremely quickly, so no opportunity for grooming there.)

Before ………


Yesterday, when she returned home damp and bedraggled, I struck.

At first I gently brushed her back and sides with fairy-like touch, fending off nips with many a disapproving “No” and drawing away from her. Slow progress. It seemed like she’d grow a new coat before she had a new coiffure.

Thirty minutes of continuous treat feeding was an option but would not have done much for her waistline.

I offered her the yellow rubber ring which I use for distraction when she’s twirling obsessively. As long as I wiggled it, she chewed on it. There were only one or two ‘nyaffs’ and attempted nips, even when I worked on her ears, cheeks and chin.

She didn’t try to escape and I began to realise how much she likes being close to me. This and the yellow ring = a groomed dog.


 003                      and after!

She still has some dingy bits, but it’s a start.

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1 Response to Isis and the yellow ring

  1. Ian Simkin says:

    Pat, I am so impressed, your patience, dedication to & obvious love for this beutiful little dog is inspirational. It’s an amazing story & i’m looking forward to seeing, (no tasteles pun intended), how things go. By the way, I may have missed it in the ‘marathon’ read through I have just done but how old is she? It’s hard to gauge from the pics. Thanks for letting me see this, Ian xxx


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