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Tuesday October 14th 2014

Back at home Isis seems much calmer than she was on Sunday: it must be hugely disconcerting to be plonked down in a strange place when you cannot see or hear. And, of course, she is no longer scoffing cat food.

It is still raining heavily. Time to try out the dog mac. It belonged to my superb little Ellie who died in May. It feels sad to use again. But perhaps it would be sadder not to.

Isis is very similar in size to El, and after her initial suspicion when I put it on her, she  seems perfectly happy in the spotty mac.

Isis in Wales 045

At the park we exit the car park via her favourite shrubbery so no sit-downs from Isis who can now be gently diverted from shrubbery to main path.

After a circuit we meet G and B with their dogs. Conchobar is wearing his blue mac and Rufus and Nancy their onesies. Isis is indifferent as usual but allows herself to be sniffed all over. It is unlikely that she has ever had a dog friend and I wonder if she would be able to form a relationship with another dog. No, Denise. No, Kerry. Don’t send me one.

When we get home I examine the faulty cable which is very badly frayed and only joined to the accelerator with one or two thin strands. No car until Thursday or Friday. We were lucky to complete our journey.

Tomorrow we’ll see how Isis copes with walking to the park.


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