one step back

Apart from one dull day, the sun has been fickle this week, very bright sunshine, alternating with gales. Isis hates bright sun.

We have had one very enjoyable day in the park, a dull day without any scary shadows. Isis even walked out of the car park without any refusals.

“We’re there!” I thought. But no, not so fast.



This morning I find Isis sleeping under my desk. Not a good sign. She already knows there’s danger behind those blinds.



Isis October 22nd 001

She is very ambivalent but walks over the threshold and jumps into the car. Once at the park she strongly resists emerging. Read the signs, Pat. They’re clear enough. But I ignore the signs and lift her out. We spend the next hour in the car park. Isis’s tail is down. She wants to sit under a car. She sits under several. She is very frightened.



Isis October 22nd 003

I have to pick her up several times as cars come in and out. Not good.

Poor Isis. Listen to her. She wants to go for her walk but she is too frightened to cope. On days like these Boss has to make the sensible decision.

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