are we coming round?

At about three a.m. this morning Isis joined me on the futon. We both spent a peaceful night there. Perhaps she is beginning to trust me again.

Today she ate normally in the kitchen. She spent most of the day away from the desk, electing instead to snooze by the radiator at the bottom of the stairs.

She has, as usual, been jumpy when lights have been switched on and off.

Although I had to carry her out to the garden during the day, she no longer appeared to be terrified. And tonight, for the first time since the debacle, she walked out by herself on the lead. Phew!

I just heard muffled thuds coming from the kitchen.


On investigation…..

Isis october 23rd 2014 002

……this is what I found.



I wonder if Isis feels a little less stressed tonight?

Emptying wastebins and twirling are favourite occupations. This is the first time she has emptied a bin since her traumatic walk. And she hasn’t twirled.

Gently, gently, little Isis.

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