Isis gets bored …..


On Tuesdays Jo. and I usually work together in the front room. And Isis behaves very well, snoozing soundly in the back room.

Today we need to use the computer so invade Isis’s early evening space. Both overhead lights are on and she begins chasing her floater-flies. This is not a silent occupation. As she twirls, her claws click loudly on the wooden floor and her jaws snap.

I gently place her outside the door where she will have the run of hall, kitchen and front room.

Ninety minutes pass and no sound is heard from the other side of the door.

“Isis,” I remark to Jo. as I open the door and walk towards the kitchen, “Has been remarkably good.”


Isis Nov. 1st - 4th 002

Or not.

But this is not all. When we walk towards the front door mat we discover  a further expression of her feelings ……..


Isis Nov. 1st - 4th 005


Since she had only just returned from her walk when we began our work, I can only assume that she objects to being excluded!


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