vets, feet and bottoms


Isis has rages. She flies round like an orbiting demon, growling, snarling and grabbing at her back foot. She frequently tears out clumps of hair. These rages are unpredictable, not having an apparent trigger, unlike the mealtime rages which seem to relate to seeing off ghost dogs who are trying to steal her food.

When she tangled herself up in her leads last Saturday she tore at her back right foot so violently that she damaged it and began limping. But I could only find a small cut on a pad.

Polymath suggested that the back end attacks might indicate an anal gland problem. There was no smell to suggest this but I know from past experience that not all dogs do smell when they have anal gland problems. Most though, chew at their tails, legs or backsides.

So off to the vet – the RSPCA at Newbrook Farm, who were so good with El, my last dog.

Isis sniffs her way happily from the car park to reception but stops decisively outside the door and has to be carried in.

She is weighed and has gained a kilo since the end of August.

A muzzle seems a good idea. I attempt to anchor her to the table while the vet empties the full anal glands; even so, Isis manages to do a handstand, back end wriggling energetically.

The vet also discovers the cause of the limp. Isis has torn at her claw and damaged the root. There is a nasty open wound and the claw will probably drop off.

Isis seems none the worse for the attack on her modesty. Her tail resumes its normal jaunty angle as soon as the muzzle is removed.

She is to go back for a check next week.

In the meantime, her paw must be immersed twice a day in Hibiscrub.

What fun. Isis,  like a tickled mule, kicks the bowl of medication up in the air behind her. I wonder if Hibiscrub is good for floor tiles.

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6 Responses to vets, feet and bottoms

  1. Loll says:

    Hi Pat,
    Do you think Isis has pain in her back foot and that’s why she flies into a rage and pulls her fur out? I wondered if she might have a bad back or doggy sciatica or arthritis which caused her to self harm?
    I expect your vet will have considered all this anyway, but it was just a thought.
    Loll x


    • Hi Loll
      Thanks for your comment. You’re right: it’s important to keep an open mind. Hopefully, we have begun a process of elimination by treating the anal glands and the injured foot. If there’s no improvement, we’ll have to keep exploring.
      Pat x


  2. Garry Gross says:

    Great blog Pat. Isis is very lucky to have you.


  3. Kerry says:

    Wonderful, you make it so real!


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