I don’t have anything to play with


Because Isis is able to see only light and shadows and cannot hear enough to follow sounds, I struggle to find playthings which engage her. I think that she is missing out, so would be grateful for any ideas.

As blog followers may recall, her favourite pastime is emptying wastepaper baskets and recycling boxes. She has extended her range recently and now recycles the baskets too.

She helps herself from the box of tissues on the coffee table and filches books, magazines and documents which are carelessly left on a chair. She can chew plastic milk bottle tops and camera cards until they are wafer thin.

She is particularly partial to plastic bags, large or small. Just in case there may be a tasty morsel in one, her first move is to nip off a piece from the bottom. I believe this is so that in an emergency – like some unreasonable person snatching the bag from her – the tasty morsel will fall out and can be swallowed very quickly.

Today I pick up a handful of plastic bags from the passenger seat in order to let Ji sit there and absent-mindedly plonk them on the back seat. It only takes us about six minutes to reach the park but Isis is a quick worker. By the time we get there most of them are shredded. Thanks Isis.



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4 Responses to I don’t have anything to play with

  1. Kerry says:

    Have you tried a kong with peanut butter inside it? Should keep her busy for ages. 🙂


  2. Thanks – Wouldn’t have thought of that! O.K. about carpets – don’t have any! Will let you know how it goes.


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