lose some, win some



A quiet night and this morning Isis is very chirpy.

Only one serious foot attack today. Occasioned by the harness being put on – this time in the car. So that smashes my theory that it is where the harness is put on which triggers the  rages. Once in the park, we have a good walk with Conchobhar, Nancy and Rufus and their people.

Late afternoon walk. Coat on Isis. She growls and prepares to attack her foot. I take coat off. Attempt harness. Immediate rage.

I decide that we will go out without coat or harness. I dare not risk removing her Buster collar. Strangely enough, although she has made numerous growly passes at her foot she has not actually bitten it while wearing the Buster collar. I don’t know why. She could easily do so: she bends like a rubber snake. So far though it seems to be a deterrent.

We do our chocolate drop routine several times. She sits. She gets a chocolate drop.

Then she is required to sit, without growling for the few seconds it takes to attach her lead to her collar. On the eleventh attempt she achieves this.

Decision: write out a daily training routine. I have not been systematic enough with her training. I think that in some situations I expect too much of her and in others not enough. This isn’t fair.


Later Gr. and I watch the demure little Isis walking in the park with her tail held high and it is hard to believe she’s the same dog who was raging in the house.


22-11-14 Isis in KH Park 003

She now recognises Gr. the treat giver and has twigged when he is likely to offer a treat. She approaches him looking hopeful. And today he is allowed to stroke her back without her shying away. She also sniffs Cochobhar several times and accepts his gentle sniffs without  recoiling.

I recall how this afternoon she has walked calmly out of the ‘dangerous’ car park entrance and along the path and remember the times only a few weeks ago when we struggled to entice her out of the car. You need time little dog.


Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact kerry@aeza.org or  www.dogwatchuk.com

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