Isis strikes again



A bright ball of sun hangs low in the sky. In the park Isis is jumpy.


22-11-14 Isis in KH Park 014


As usual, I encourage her to approach and sniff the things which startle her. Sometimes she flinches and seeks the safety of hedges and fences, slinking alongside them as though avoiding an assassin. But she’s brave too. And she likes to walk.

The quality of the light triggers mind-flies too. So every now and then we have a spontaneous burst of twirling. Rufus regards her with suspicion and growls meaningfully. Isis, of course, ignores him.


It’s the foot bathing that does it. As soon as I lift her foot from the Hibiscrub Isis whips round and tears at it. The first serious attack since I put her Buster collar on a week ago. I am hugely disappointed. I look at her little feet. All of them are battle scarred. On the top of her front paws are little bald patches where clumps of hair have been tugged out, one of the back feet bears a scab and the other is now bleeding.

When she flies into another rage by the back door and I grab her by the collar, she coughs and splutters. Later on I see her put a back foot into her mouth. So much for the Buster collar. Oh Isis.

Two more protective collars are in the post. One is similar to the Buster, the other is the same shape as the traditional Elizabethan collar but made of fabric which gives enough to soften the blow if it hits something and is also more comfortable for sleeping in. The only thing we can think of as a last resort is a muzzle and I’m sure she would hate that.

I try to be more positive. The rages have been far fewer. Perhaps the Zylekène is having an effect and its impact will increase as time passes. Perhaps the DAP collar will work miracles – we can collect it when we see the vet again this Wednesday. Bev. and Gra. wonder whether the anti-chew preparation which deters dogs from chewing the furniture could be used on feet.

I know that foot chewing is a common problem and very resistant to treatment. Any suggestions would be very welcome.










Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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