the treatmobile



by our on-the- spot correspondent George  19-12-14 The KHP photo shoot 001







This is the Treatmobile.


19-12-14 The KHP photo shoot 007


In this wonderful vehicle are all kinds of treats. Whether you are small, medium or large, have strong teeth, few teeth or no teeth, prefer meaty chews, fishy chews or biscuits, desire soft chews, bendy chews, crunchy chews, or chunks of dental chews, large treats or tiny ones, you’ll find something to your taste in the Treatmobile.

I can smell the Treatmobile coming as soon as it leaves its garage. Not all dogs are as smart. They can’t help that.

When the Treatmobile comes we all rush over and ambush it just in case it should forget to stop. You never know. I am always in the lead, of course. To be certain I am the first served, I have even, on occasions, hitched a lift down the slope. I jump onto the seat, place my paws on the steering wheel and off we go. This is easy in the summer. But in the winter, the doors are closed. Fortunately they’re made of perspex so you can see the treat tin through them. I have intelligent carers, so I know about these things.

I could give that hairy new white thing a tip or two. Isis I think its name is. Between you and me, I suspect it’s an illegal immigrant. It’s very stand-offish. Ignored me when I sniffed it. It can’t see the treats though. And it doesn’t get into the park before 9.00 a.m. either, so those are two pluses.

Oh, I nearly forgot – Alison and Dave are in the Treatmobile as well. We can live with that. Obviously the Parks’ Department bought it for us, but we need drivers. And someone to wrap our presents at Christmas.

Wonder what I’ve got this year.




Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or









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