an interesting encounter



A strange day. But more of that tomorrow.

A long, interesting snuffle through the undergrowth along the south edge of Highbury park, a scramble over fallen boughs and through twisty twigs and we’re out onto the open field again.

Head down, still following the scents, Isis is unaware of the approach of another fluffy white and grey splotched creature with a longer, slimmer but just as enquiring nose.

“Snuff, snuff, snuff”, from Isis. A small black nose twitches as it sniffs her. A white plumed tail wags shyly.

The small black nose belongs to a shorter, slimmer little dog with the same silky hair as Isis, and, although its ears are more horizontal than hers, they are just as crazily hairy.

Black nose’s person and I look at each other bemused. I think we both say, “Wow”.

“What a beautiful dog”, exclaims the person, regarding the Hairy One.

“Your little dog is very pretty too”, I say truthfully.

The new little dog is Mia. She came from the southern most part of Spain, on the edge of Portugal, very close to where Isis lived. Like Isis, Mia came via Dogwatch UK, through Denise in Birmingham. Mia was abandoned in the mountains, I am told. I explain that Isis was found wandering in a village with a rope round her neck.

I am asked about origins and repeat what Kerry told me about Podengos. This arouses great interest for Mia is a dedicated hunter. She runs very fast and pronks (jumps with stiff legs like a young lamb) as she goes.

After a lively chat we go our separate ways, each with our fluffy foreigner!

P.S.  It would have been great to have taken a photo of Mia. This has decided me always to take my camera when out with Isis.


Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or







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