another day in the life of a dog



I wake her up at eight and she takes me out into the garden. Thinking that she is getting ready to go to the park, I follow her back upstairs. I can’t believe it. She’s back in bed with a mug of coffee.

A dog has to entertain herself, so I  begin a quite complicated twirl. She sighs and gets up. Good. But she comes back with my squeaking badger and my grunty pig. She returns to bed.

When I begin to take her clothes off the chair she says, “Isis“, in a gravelly voice so I have to make do with my toys. Eventually, I jump back onto the bed.

And it’s nearly eleven when we get up again.

Ji. arrives and, you won’t believe this, we leave for the park before I’ve had my breakfast.

Good time in the park sniffing scents. You can’t imagine what was running around in the grass last night. But the downside of the walk is that every time I begin a twirl she reels me in. And when I protest by attacking my legs she shortens the lead even further so I can’t even do that. Huh.

Back at home I do get my breakfast. But they have cream and jam doughnuts with their coffee and there is not even any cream left in the box for me to lick.

Later, when Jo. comes round I twirl again. This time I sam put in the back room. For ages I scratch very vigorously on the door but no response. So I curl up and go to sleep.


19-12-14 The KHP photo shoot 006


We all go for another walk though. I meet up with Conchobhar and Keiko and get treats.

I suppose it hasn’t been a bad day really.

It’s dark now and she’s just switched on that very bright, flickery thing in the wall. I complain. But it’s very warm in here and I think I’m about to go to  …………………………….



Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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