second day at school





14-02-2015 Hounds Club Feb 2015 porches 018


We join the second group today. Julie thinks that as these dogs are more experienced and settled than the beginners it will be a calmer atmosphere for Isis. Everyone is friendly and the dogs seem happy and relaxed. The session lasts for ninety minutes.


14-02-2015 Hounds Club Feb 2015 porches 021

14-02-2015 Hounds Club Feb 2015 porches 016








One of the members lends us his double ended lead. The lead clips onto the top and the chest area of the harness so that the dog can be ‘steered’.

Surprisingly, Isis is quite comfortable with this. She walks to heel up and down the carpet. No refusals, no pulling in the opposite direction.

She doesn’t appear to be stressed and seems happy to work but when we sit down and watch the two main groups she is restless. I try to distract her but she spins and growls at her legs. Julie is concerned that the session is too much for her and suggests she goes back to the car for the last twenty minutes.

When I return Isis is fast asleep. Apart from her evening walk, she sleeps soundly the rest of the day. Julie is right. Although Isis cannot see the other dogs she can smell them and is aware of the activity around her. The Polymath often tells me I expect too much. I do. I think poor Little Hairy is worn out. Julie suggests that next week Isis stays for part of the session only or takes breaks outside.

We will order a two ended working lead and harness and a ‘calming’ band.


Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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