don’t panic ……. don’t panic


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This is a post from a very jangled human. Just after three, I look out of the window and see that Isis, instead of running around, is standing stiffly by the shed door shifting from one paw to the other.

I go to her. Oh dear, she’s pawing at the right side of her face. Another case of Amber’s ‘stick mouth?’ (See Monday’s post.)

She follows me into the house. She is covered in mud and obviously distressed. I don my gardening gloves and attempt to open her tightly clenched jaws. After much struggling, I succeed in forcing her jaws apart and peer into her mouth. I manage three peers but can see nothing. No stick stuck on the roof of her mouth. Nothing obviously jammed between her teeth. Isis, of course, is desperately trying to clamp her teeth shut and my thumb gets bitten through the glove.

I decide to wait for a little while to see if whatever is causing the problem sorts itself without intervention. I gently stroke her dry with the edge of a towel. She lies still and lets me. This is not like her. I am worried.

She does not appear to have a problem with breathing. I give her a soft treat which she swallows instantly. But when she goes to her water bowl, she is reluctant to drink. This happens several times. And she continues to paw at her mouth.

I phone the RSPCA. They will see her as soon as we can get there. But on my way to the front door I remember that my car is in for repair.

I panic. One of my neighbours is recovering from shingles and the other is out. Two close friends are unavailable at this time of day.

Isis bites a back foot and makes it bleed. She still approaches her water bowl, takes one awkward lap and backs away.

I am spinning enough to compete with Isis. But out from the fog creeps the memory that there is a well thought of veterinary practice at the end of my road. They agree to see Hairy One.

A very nice vet sees Isis. He parts her lips on both sides but cannot see anything in her mouth. It will not be possible, he decides, to examine her mouth unless she is sedated. This would happen tomorrow. She is given an injection of Metacam to relieve the pain over the next twenty-four hours. My friend K will take us to RSPCA Newbrook Farm tomorrow.

Isis is still keen for her tea and has no problem eating it. Afterwards, to my relief, she drinks but not without discomfort. As she drinks she barks intermittently. Afterwards she paws at her mouth and growls. It is strange that she can eat with ease but struggles with drinking. I wonder whether she could have been stung. Tomorrow seems a long time away.

Now she is sleeping soundly. The Metacam seems to be taking effect.



Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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4 Responses to don’t panic ……. don’t panic

  1. AmberL says:

    Oh, Lord, it’s always something 😦 I can’t imagine what this is; I’m waiting with bated breath to hear…


  2. AmberL says:

    Well, I guess the tongue moves differently when lapping up liquid then when eating – maybe something there?


    • Yes, that’s true. i wondered whether it is something to do with the coldness of the water.
      Must admit I am very concerned about her and have not given her anything to eat since 9.00 in case she has to be anaesthetised. I’ve just taken her upstairs so I can keep an eye on her overnight. Oh dear!


      • Amberl says:

        Well, I won’t bother saying don’t worry since I know that’s not possible! But I know she’ll be just fine 😊


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