behaviour modification ?



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There are three very positive outcomes to report. For five days now Isis has been eating on her own in the kitchen wearing her plastic cone and with the kitchen door firmly closed.

From a distance I observe through the frosted glass of the kitchen door  that she  has resumed the responsibility of seeing off phantom scavengers. I presume that’s because I am no longer there to deter them. While she is devouring her food, she frequently lifts her head from her bowl and barks up at them. But hey! The post feeding rage spins have not returned. Which is brilliant.

Secondly, over the last fortnight incidences of her biting out her hair have decreased dramatically.

Thirdly, she is much more relaxed in the evening and growling, snarling and self-harming bouts are much less frequent. Solutions to evening stress have not been easy to find as she continues to be very intolerant of lights in the house and finds the flicker of the t.v. particularly irritating.

Although placing a screen between her and the t.v. helped a little, the reflections on the ceiling still disturb her and trigger rage spins. I haven’t watched t.v. for almost a week now and there has been a dramatic change in her evening moods. As long as we are in the dark, she snoozes peacefully on the futon until it’s Dentistix time.

So yes, behaviour modification goes on apace. My behaviour has been modified very significantly.

The Hairy One has only had three of her Clomicalm tablets to date and they will not take any effect for at least two weeks. I am hoping that the medication, in conjunction with the changes we are making will modify her behaviour too!


Isis came from the Aeza* cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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2 Responses to behaviour modification ?

  1. AmberL says:

    Yes, I have to say, one of the downsides (to me, anyway) to dog ownership is how much you end up adjusting YOUR life to suit them 😦 A lot of it is really subconcious – I find myself not traveling, or going out in the evenings, or running as many errands on weekends because somehow I feel guilty (or worried) about leaving them alone. Furniture always covered with old throws because of dirt and dog hair. Stepping over dog gates to get into certain rooms I don’t want them in. Giving up on having any kind of a decent backyard. *Sigh*…


    • Yes, the life of a dog owner sure can get complicated! Fortunately for me, Isis doesn’t attempt to get on any furniture except for the futon and the bed, so I only have to protect those. I’ve certainly said goodbye to any hope of a decent back garden though.


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