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On Sunday Isis and I travel back from Wales. Luckily for me she likes the car and is always keen to hop in. Although we only have a short walk before we set out, she sleeps soundly in her bed on the back seat, only waking up to eat her sausage at Dinky’s Diner, roughly half way to Birmingham.

She surprises me when we go to the park later: she can’t wait to get to the grass and runs and runs in big loops. She is as excited as when she first arrived at the beach. There’s not much grass around where Friend lives so perhaps Isis has missed it.

After I’ve repotted the strawberries which Hairy One has dug up, she turns her attention to the aluminium sheets from the shed I deconstructed. So much of the week is spent trying to find a secure place for them. This proves very difficult as determination is her second name. I will have to clear enough space in the ex-garage/workshop to store them.

On Thursday evening I leave her sleeping at about 11.30. By 1.30 the thunder is rumbling noisily and there are frequent sky ripping bolts of lightning. I wonder whether Isis will react. A clonk announces her descent from the futon and a clatter of frightened paws marks her speedy exit into the hall. Her flight is accompanied by an alarmed burst of barking on the run.

Then schlap, schlap, scrabble, up the stairs she scrambles and onto the landing where she stands, head raised up to the big landing window. Slices of lightning slam through  little gaps in the blinds. She is frozen into immobility and growls a little as I pick her up and plonk her on the bed.

The storm continues, the lightning flashes illuminating the room. After reassuring pats, however, the dear little creature  closes her eyes firmly and goes to sleep.

She is the first dog I’ve had who hasn’t trembled and panted her way through a storm. Well done Isis.



 Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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