now that was a nice walk



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Well, this is a nice walk. No impatient tugs at my harness. No moaning, “Come ON, Isis”. Get to sniff everything I come across. Even stop to have a feed at the edge of the strawberry patch. Good facility this. Slurp. Meet up with my friends Cochobhar, Rufus and Nancy.


I'm part of the group now, of course.

I’m part of the group now, of course.


I don’t jump away now when the labradoodles bustle up to me. I just give them a sniff to make sure it’s them. Actually, after I’ve eaten my special liver treat, Nancy licks my whiskers. Bit of a cheek, but I don’t say anything.

While I enjoy a snuffle in the flower bed, the others have a long drink.



We like to share.

We like to share.


I drink alone.

I drink alone.


L. has her three grandchildren with her today, aged between three and fifteen. The six year old rushes up and pats me. Then the three year old joins in. She pats me for a long time. The eldest two girls have a go too. The Human anxiously explains that I am nervous about being patted because I can’t see. I wish she’d mind her own business. These pats are very small and gentle. I sit down , then lie down. It’s easier for them to reach.


There’s plenty of tasty stuff around too.


I think there's a treat on the way.

I think there’s a treat on the way.


Thank you, G.

Thank you, G.


We all walk back to B.’s car where we have more treats. I’m very reluctant to leave in case someone’s dropped a bit. But Human nags me on, as usual.


Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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