sorry, sorry, sorry



Thursday December 24th 2015



Well, it appears that some humans just can’t face up to their responsibilities.

My wimpy human says she’s not well. She looks fine to me. No cuts on her paws and she keeps yawning so I can see she’s not suffering from stick mouth.

I keep quite a close watch on her in the park, of course. (You have to, don’t you?) So I know she’s not gobbled anything revolting. Nor has she been eating grass so her digestion is obviously O.K.

Her ears don’t smell either so no problem there. Could be her anal glands, though she’s not biting her feet or nibbling her bottom.

She’s developing a new skill too: scenting. She’s pretty dismal at it so far though. She just snuffles all the time. I keep trying to demonstrate that it’s more complex than that and you must be focussed. The angle of your head is very important. And sticking paper up your nose all the time won’t help at all.

She really is pathetic. I know I can’t hear very much, but I’m sure she’s stopped barking. All that sniffing is wasted if you can’t celebrate with a few yaps when you find something.

Too unwell yesterday to update you on a fascinating animal like me?

Rubbish! No backbone if you ask me.

Hope you all enjoy your holiday. I’ll do my best to keep her out of bed next Sunday.














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2 Responses to sorry, sorry, sorry

  1. Amber L says:

    Oh, dear – Isis tell your human I’m very sorry she’s unwell on the holiday! I’m sure you’ll be well-behaved and patient with her 🙂 Merry Christmas to you both!


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