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Sunday April 10th 2016


The first pair of Doggles appeared in a post on Sunday December 21st 2014. These were the sunglasses type.  Another post on February 2nd 2015 relates how I put them onto poor Isis when she was in the park and the brightness of the sun was freaking her out. She became paralysed with fear and wouldn’t move an inch. Here is a quote from the blog:

‘Only an idiot, intimates Polymath to whom I recount the sorry tale, would try out the Doggles in the park when the poor dog is already afraid. A sensible person would try them out at home etc. etc. Yakkity yak.’

I bought some soft, mesh Doggles later on, but realised that both sets of doggy sun gear were intended to be used to protect dogs from UV waves and from missiles like flies, grit, etc. which could damage the eyes of a dog, for example, hanging its head out of a car window. Whilst the mesh Doggles were softer and, I felt, easier for Isis to tolerate, she still winced at the light.

I then sewed on the inside of the mesh, a piece cut from an old black T-shirt. But Hairy One was still unhappy with the idea and I decided that it was too soon to try the Doggles: she was still too anxious and suspicious.

A couple of weeks ago, as she lay, very relaxed, on the futon, I tried the mesh version again. She was all right with having them put on and I fed her cheese treats for a minute. Cheese finished, she attempted to paw them off and I removed them. Over the next few days, we built up to three minutes without her demonstrating any distress.

Last Thursday, I put them on her again. She had been growling and back foot grabbing, and I was pretty sure that this was because of the very low light which we usually have  on in the evening. Immediately, she settled down and went to sleep.

The following night she wouldn’t settle. I inferred that she was disturbed by the faint light seeping through the blinds in the bedroom. Again, I put the mesh Doggles on her. I left them on until early morning and we had a quiet night.

Today, after she has enjoyed two hours racing around in Highbury Park, Ji. and I bring her home. When we go into the south facing room at the front of the house, Isis joins us. She lies on the rug but soon begins to flinch. We have drawn the blinds but bars of sunlight still sneak through.

Tail down, she leaves the room. I dash off to fetch the Doggles. On they go. I lift her back onto the mat. She settles happily and stays with us until it’s time to take Ji. home.









Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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3 Responses to return of the Doggles

  1. AmberL says:

    I’m thrilled to read this! What great news. Lucky you are a person who perseveres 🙂


    • I’m delighted too.The Doggles are a very useful addition to our Isis calming tools. She somtimes wags her tail when I put them on her, which is sweet. And she lets me know when she wants them removed, too. She has been much calmer since we began using them.


    • Just realised you asked me if Isis liked Mia. She ignored her, sadly.She is generally indifferent to other dogs, although she did wag her tail this week when two of her dog friends returned from holiday.


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