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Wednesday May 4th 2016


Poor Isis. An adopted dog can’t choose her guardian and last week proved quite traumatic.

As we know, Isis isn’t keen on whole, menacing trees, but she is very fond of bite-sized chunks. She is particularly partial to chomping on them as she dances. Fragments drop into her mouth. And she likes to swallow them.

This week, Human is delighted that Hairy One’s running spaces are virtually cleared of wood. Dave has been busy with his mower and most of the branchy bits have been macerated.

Dave and Dave have parked the treatmobile (work truck) on the stretch above the old bowling green, and Isis and I are trotting along by the side of the hedge. Since she is tugging on her lead and seems intent on powering ahead as fast as she can go, I don’t retract the extending lead. Without any warning, and before I can stop her, she executes a right turn and smacks into the front of the stationary truck. Thwump!

Stoical little creature that she is, Hairy One doesn’t even squeak. She just shakes her head and looks surprised. On the ground beside her is an incriminating skein of fine white hair.

Hearing the thud, Dave and Dave emerge from behind the truck, shaking their heads in sympathy.

“Naughty mummy”, says Dave 1, “A piece of steak for Isis tonight.”

I, of course, feel extremely guilty. And rightly so. How could I have been so careless?

But Human’s dopiness has not yet run its course.

The next day, Isis is playing on the same stretch of park. She is sniffing for her ball on a string. I toss it towards her, but, unfortunately, my aim leaves much to be desired, and the ball lands on her back. The poor little creature leaps into the air. She is terrified. Something has attacked her and is most likely now hovering over her waiting to strike again. Perhaps it will eat her.

Despite my apologies and attempts to dispense reassuring pats and strokes, she will not be mollified.

She wants to go home.


Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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