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Sunday May 15th  2016


Yesterday morning.

10.45 and not a sound from Isis who is still sleeping soundly on the bed.

Reluctantly, as always, I prise myself from under the duvet and meander vacantly into the bathroom.

A rude awakening.

A huge pool of water surrounds the toilet pedestal – and I mean huge.




****! Panic, panic.

I peer up at the ceiling. No patches on the plaster, thank heaven.

The pool is about thirty centimetres wide all round. The toilet must have been leaking all night.

****! Panic, panic.

It’s Saturday – it would be, of course. What chance is there of getting hold of a plumber at the weekend?

Glued to the spot, I stare and stare at the monstrous leak.

****! Panic, PANIC!

“For goodness sake”, I tell myself sternly, “Don’t just stand there winding yourself up. Do something. Clear the entire area and dry it, then you’ll be able to see precisely where the water is coming from.”

I’m convinced that the pool is growing all the time, and as I reach for a large cleaning sponge, I begin to fantasize ……………………….

The water will seep through into the kitchen …… drip down the stairs ……. the vinyl will have to be taken up ………. the vinyl will crack …………… it’ll have to be replaced ……….

I soak up and squeeze the water into the toilet bowl, soak up and squeeze, soak up and squeeze, soak up ….

and, then, it strikes me mid squeeze: the ‘water’ is distinctly yellow.

That’s odd. Surely I didn’t forget to flush the bowl last night? If so, this is even worse. The actual bowl or exit pipe must be leaking.

Suddenly, it hits me. Hairy One is on steroids to treat her over-licked and inflamed feet. The vet warned me that she would be likely to eat and drink more.

The dear little creature has done her very best to pee in an appropriate place.

Clever little Isis.

Idiot human.


P.S. When I told Polymath the story, she said that the first thing that she thought of was that the culprit was Isis, but, in all honesty, it didn’t occur me!


Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact kerry@aeza.org or  www.dogwatchuk.co.uk

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