Big Polar Bear



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Wednesday June 1st 2016


Years ago Big Polar Bear was given to Ellie, my previous dog but she was a very busy little dog who preferred small things which squeak, so Big Polar Bear spent much of his time just lying around on the futon.

For a long time I have attempted to induce Isis to connect with BPB but with little success. In the early days, he was often thrust upon her to block her indoor twirling or to distract her when she was particularly growly but she simply ignored him and persisted with the twirling and growling.

Like small children, Isis, I have observed, is at her most obstreperous when she is tired. After her morning walk she eats her breakfast, has a drink and then settles down for a rest; however, things are very different at night. She returns from her evening walk obviously tired, but after her evening meal she is always restless. She retires to the futon only to jump up and down on it. She clatters her teeth as she ascends and utters a loud “Oof” as she lands. As you can imagine, ten minutes of clack- oof-clack-oof-clack-oof can be somewhat tiresome.

The leaping and landing and clacking and oofing make her even more tired, of course.  Then she becomes irritable. When she becomes irritable, she either nibbles at her front feet or rams a back foot into her mouth and gnaws on it.

Lately, though, BPB has become much more full-on in his attempts to intervene in Hairy One’s tantrums. He has found that rugby tackling her mid clack can be extremely effective. As can a sharp tap on the nose when she is attacking her back foot. She stops leaping or gnawing and assaults him. On a good night, she shakes him vigorously until, eventually, he concedes and they both fall asleep.






On other occasions, Big Polar Bear has been known to drop right across her front paws preventing her from nibbling them. If she pushes him away, he does it again. And again. Until she gives up and falls asleep with her paws underneath him.







I can honestly declare that during all of my many human baby-sitting stints, I have never breathed a sigh of relief as deep as the one I breathe when Isis finally succumbs!


Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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