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Wednesday June 8th 2016


Since the end of February, every time poor Isis leaves the house by the back door she is on the end of a lead. February was when the grass seed was sewn, through punched holes in large rubber mats.

The Hairy One, of course, hasn’t been allowed to set a paw on the new grass. Although the seed is a specially tough one, aptly named ‘Sprogs and Dogs’, on-line expert advice is that during its first season, new grass should be used as little as possible.

This time last year, Isis was spending a large part of her days outside, either in the park or in her ruined garden. And since she was still often reluctant to walk in the park when the sun cast shadows, or, indeed, refused to leave the car park at all, most of this time was in the garden.

I am anxious to give the lawn the best chance I can to gather its strength before Isis is let loose on it. She has coped with hours inside much better than I expected, but she often seems very bored. I feel very sorry for her. A dog’s life, after all, should be a joyful one. And one can’t spend all day in the park.

I decide on a compromise. I will let her explore her new lawn for up to thirty minutes a day. But I will supervise her all the time.

The regime begins on Monday.



Wow! Where did this come from?

Wow! Where did this come from?


It smells like grass.

It smells like grass.


It feels like grass.

It feels like grass.



It IS grass.

It IS grass.





Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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1 Response to green dreams come true?

  1. AmberL says:

    The yard is looking fabulous!! What a difference…


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