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June 26th 2016


Well, two firsts in just over a week. The gang is walking round the pond checking on how the now adolescent moorhen chicks are doing. We stop when we are greeted by Bella, M’s bouncy border collie who quivers with excitement in anticipation of the treats she will receive. She must sit first, of course, which is very demanding for an excited young collie. As she waits for her reward, Isis approaches her and, to my amazement, jumps forward and does a succession of play bows. Some of them land on Bella’s chest and paws, of course, and Bella, who is fully focussed on treats, doesn’t respond. But I am thrilled that little Isis has tried to initiate play with another dog.

A week later, we are down at ‘the bottom’ – the ex-bowling green. Nancy and Isis are sniffing up on the bank. Bev. reports that Isis has just tried a tentative play bow on Nancy. Nothing transpires, but it’s all very positive.

Yesterday, another lovely move. Deterred from gardening by a heavy shower, I am lounging full length on the futon, Isis stretched against my legs. ‘Listening’ to the afternoon play, I am off with the fairies. When I come round, I find that dear little Isis  has climbed up on the cushions behind me and is slumbering peacefully against my shoulders and back.

She has never done this before, and I am very touched.

Although, understandably, she dislikes being touched by strangers, and only tolerates pats alongside treats from her three very best human park friends, she now responds with pleasure when I fuss her – nothing over the top, you understand, just strong tail wags, or, first thing in the morning, play bows and pleased little jumps. And she no longer barks at her neighbours when they call round.

Ji., a regular visitor and her best friend, is allowed to pat her in the house, and she lies down by him in the hall to wait patiently for bumbling Human to find her ‘phone, driving glasses and keys and be ready to go for a walk.

Tomorrow afternoon, A. is coming round to give Isis a Reiki treatment. She is very fond of A. who dog-sat soon after I adopted Hairy One. It will be interesting to see how she responds.


Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact kerry@aeza.org or  www.dogwatchuk.co.uk

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