goodbye dear Conchobhar, Connar, Con.



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Wednesday July 20th 2016



The lovely Conchobhar with Gr. Kings Heath Park, January 20th 2016.

The lovely Conchobhar with Gr. Kings Heath Park, January 20th 2016.



Today is a very sad day, not only for our small dog walking group but for all the Kings Heath Park people who knew him. We have lost our Conchobhar (his Gaelic name), our Connar, our lovely, gentle Con, the first dog whom Isis trusted.

Three weeks ago, Connar was taken to the vet because he was limping. Gr. wondered whether it might be arthritis or simply a minor injury. Anti-inflammatories and pain killers were prescribed.

Unsurprisingly, Con. didn’t enjoy taking tablets, but the process was eased a little by Bev’s homemade liver treats.

Despite the tablets, there was no improvement and the following week an X-ray was done. This revealed that poor Con. had a sizeable cyst on the head of his left rear femur. The cyst was thought to be benign but growing, and, sadly, inoperable and life limiting.

It was hoped that special pain killers might give him a reprieve.

But over last week his condition deteriorated, until, by Saturday, he was only able to cross the road to the edge of the park before lying down.

Because Pyrenean Mountain Dogs are so large and heavy, there is no possibility of an amputation. Three legs would not be able to support their body weight, with or without wheels.

By the end of last week, Con was already struggling to push himself up onto his feet. Although he thought that Monday would be Con’s last park visit, there was still a very slim chance that the pain killers might kick in, and Gr. kept Con. over the weekend.

But the deterioration continued, and even more rapidly.

This morning Con came into the park for the last time and Bev, Sa and I said our goodbyes. Con received all of our treats enthusiastically and, less enthusiastically, our affectionate strokes, cuddles and kisses.

Goodbye our Con.



Conchobhar with a friend March 2015.

Conchobhar with a friend March 2015.



Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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3 Responses to goodbye dear Conchobhar, Connar, Con.

  1. Janete West says:

    Beautiful Boy, cant believe I wont see you in the park!!!! R.I.P. Love Jan & Gem, xx


  2. AmberL says:

    Oh, no – I’m as sad as though I knew him 😦 He was beautiful. I used to follow a blog written by a woman who had a young blind pyr with serious physical issues, and he used a wheeled cart for a long time – but it was very hard on her because he was so large. This was her blog – though it is rather heartbreaking to read: Sorry for the loss 😦


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