The Secret Garden part 2



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Wednesday November 23rd 2016


Gradually, as her patterns of behaviour emerge and become more consistent, I begin to be  more confident about Isis being free.

She is at her most reckless when she is on her extending lead. Then, I must watch her like a hawk to keep her safe as she throws herself about and shoots off in any direction without warning. She races across the grass and over the edge of a bank like a cartoon figure, landing with a surprised expression back on terra firma. She zooms towards trees like a guided missile and I have to intervene and reel her in before she hits them. She seems to abandon any responsibility for herself  and relies entirely on me to protect her.

When she is set free, she moves much more slowly and carefully, and doesn’t trot until she has  explored the space.

We visit the Secret Garden almost daily now. On Tuesday, we venture up the stone steps into the middle part and I release Isis from her lead. She wags her tail vigorously, and once she’s sniffed out her bearings, enjoys bouncing to and fro, sniffing the air and snapping at the raindrops. Of which there are plenty.

For the first time, we play ball in our Secret Garden. Hairy One’s enthusiasm for hunting it down seems to be increasing by the day.

I place a hand on her back to keep her still(ish) and put the ball under her nose. When I throw it, she begins to hunt, running round in little loops, nose to the ground.

She’s very good. I throw the ball again and again in the small space and she finds it in seconds. She’s very focused and very happy.







Then someone walks through the garden with their dog. “Whoo-ooo-ooo!”, barks Isis, who has never barked at anyone in the park before.

I think she’s decided this space is her territory.


Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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