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Wednesday March 8th 2017


This is a sweet little dog called Betty. She belongs to Debbie and we often meet in Kings Heath Park.






When they first meet, Isis and Betty are able to do a little gentle training together. At this time Isis is afraid of both humans and dogs, while Betty is demanding constant attention, so Debbie and I stand with the dogs and chat for ten or fifteen minutes without allowing Isis to retreat or giving in to Betty’s demands. We do this on several occasions and these little sessions are not only helpful to the dogs but interesting for us too, as we exchange  dog histories.

Poor little Betty was rescued by Ray Deddicoat of Holly Trees Animal Rescue Trust (H.A.R.T.) from the local refuse disposal site, Lifford Tip.

Apparently, her owners decided to dispose of little Betty along with their household rubbish.

She was very thin, hungry, covered in fleas, full of worms, had raging dermatitis and a large tumour on one of her nipples.

Betty lives a very different life now, as is amply demonstrated both by her holiday snap above and by the following anecdote.

It is the third week of May 2016, a very important time for Betty’s humans. Their elder son, T. who lives away from home, is to be married on the May 16th.

Debbie’s husband is confident that all is going as planned, although, of course, there was the possibility that Debbie might not make it to the event, as she was so worried about leaving Betty. Fortunately, a friend, aware that putting Betty into kennels would be a major trauma (for Debbie) offers to move in and dog sit.

All is well now, and the couple have only to look forward to their son’s wedding – a   momentous and life-changing event, which must be one of the most important occasions in the lives of these doting parents.

The wedding has, of course, been their top priority for months, the red letter day of 2016,  uppermost in their minds ever since it was first announced.

That’s obvious …………………………………………………………

Or is it?

Glancing at the kitchen calendar, just to make sure that no detail has been overlooked, the proud eyes of Debbie’s husband take in the day itself: May 16th.

What profound comment has Debbie’s maternal instinct moved her to write?

His jaw drops.

There it is. Written large and clear, and standing alone, are the words:


Loyal husband immediately captures the calendar entry on his phone and texts it to his son and future daughter-in-law.

‘My son Tom and my daughter in law’, explains Debbie, ‘were very understanding and realised where my priorities obviously lie!’


Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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6 Responses to introducing Betty ….

  1. Jane McKears says:

    Heart-warming story which made me laugh (but not about the rubbish tip, of course).


  2. Debbie Featherstone says:

    Reading this bought it all back and made me howl ( very appropriate word! ) with laughter ! Yep – it’s all true – my son and daughter in law have forgiven me and now have a puppy of their own – little Sherlock the sausage dog – so in my opinion have a better understanding of the situation! Love to Isis from Betty and I x


  3. AmberL says:

    Hilarious! They sound like my kind of people 🙂


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