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Wednesday April 5th 2017


Puppies. Lots of them. Too many, think Rufus and Isis. Nancy thinks they’re rather sweet, and, of course, they need lots of treats for training, so it’s worth hanging out with them. Come to that, it’s worth hanging out with Isis, too, when treats are being given out, because Isis is slow to secure a treat and it’s quite easy, therefore, to grab one on its way from a human hand to her little pink mouth.

But Nancy is so sweet and good-natured that no-one retaliates. Even her most audacious heists don’t provoke so much as a muffled snarl or growl.

Maggie is the longest established newcomer. She’s about fifteen months now, but even at five months, she was a force to be reckoned with. As you can see, she’s perfectly capable of multi-tasking. There’s no way any dog will trick her out of that ball, and whoever might have the toy in his/her mouth when the chase begins, you can be certain that Maggie’ll have it between her teeth when the chase ends.

She’s even duped Rufus by nipping underneath him between his back legs to snatch a ball,  literally, from under his nose. He’s patient with pups, but enough is enough, and Maggie certainly pushes the boundaries.

Rufus finds that a close up explosive ‘BOOFF’ does the trick.






About a month ago, fluffy, squishy, twelve week old Scout arrived.






She’s a cockerpoo, and so soft to touch that it was difficult to keep one’s hands off her. That was before she was allowed off her lead. Now she arrives as though she’s just left the groomer’s and leaves looking as though she’s been up a chimney.

Scout was desperate to be off the lead, and Maggie was equally desperate for Scout to be off the lead. They were wild with excitement the first time Scout was free. Instant playmates, they chased, tripped, rolled and pounded each other until Scout had to be taken home to bed.

Things have hotted up, though, over the last three weeks, with the arrival of ten week old Reginald the Alaskan malamute.






Scout, of course, fell for the handsome little guy immediately, and he for her. Maggie, too, was enchanted, and everyone was very happy – except for poor Isis, on whom the little pups jumped until she escaped through the hole in the hedge. Maggie, who is exceptionally bright, sussed Isis out very quickly and treated her very deferentially, but Scout and Reggie have still not twigged that she’s different, and like to intrude on her private bank dances and bounce on her.

Not so often now, though, because they’re so absorbed in each other.

And someone else is not too happy. Poor Maggie’s smart little nose has definitely been put out of joint. Scout was, after all, her friend. Naturally, she has expressed her displeasure with a quick nip here and there, and Rufus has had to step in.

Fortunately, Louie is happy to play with Maggie and tensions are beginning to dissipate.

Our latest arrival is lovely Molly, the labradoodle. Here she is with her ‘sister’ Millie.






She came from Tears Rescue in Wales after being released from a breeding kennels. She is very thin, and although only eighteen months old, she is thought to have had two litters.

She had been with her new owner barely a week when we met her and already responded instantly to recall.

She is very friendly and affectionate.

Most touching of all is her reaction when released from her lead in the park. She races ecstatically around the old bowling green, absolutely delighted to be free. As her owner says. “How could you not take her for two good runs every day, whatever the weather?”

Molly, of course, completely understands the need to be very gentle around Isis. As do virtually all the dogs she meets.

As we all know, dogs are very sympathetic animals.


Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact kerry@aeza.org or  www.dogwatchuk.co.uk

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2 Responses to pups galore!

  1. Jane McKears says:

    Another lovely story about Isis. Delighted to hear that Molly has been rehomed and now has a safe and loving home. xxxx


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