Isis has a visitor



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Sunday May 28th 2017



Well, well, what’s this then?

It smells like a dog.



It definitely IS a dog.



It smells the same as the car smells on Wednesday mornings. (Human leaves me home alone for over an hour and a half every Tuesday. She takes that Lily and her person to dog training.)

My god, it smells like Lily’s in the house.

S-nuffle ……… S-NUFFLE!




Shucks! Bloomin’ Lily IS in the house.




I can see why she needs training. When she’s not following Human everywhere, she’s trailing after me.

Her person was taken away on Friday in a big white van with flashing blue lights so she thinks we’re going to disappear too. Silly dog.

You’re supposed to be kind to animals in distress. When I’m in distress, I can’t eat my tea. But her tea disappeared very quickly. One minute I could smell it, the next the smell had  gone.

I’ve had hours in the park this morning, so I don’t really mind playing in the garden on my own instead of going out again.

Sigh. But I’m not on my own. She’s out here as well. I’ll just ignore her and carry on twirling by the fence.

She’s running round sniffing everywhere. I can feel her racing past me. What a bore.

Good lord! I can smell something very unpleasant. I can’t believe it. She’s peeing on my lawn.

Human needn’t think I’m eating my tea when I can smell that Lily on the other side of the door.

Good. She’s been taken away somewhere. I thought Human would be impressed if I left my tea and ran back out into the garden. Especially as I’ve got a sardine with my meal. She knows I’d have to be seriously upset to leave a sardine.

Thank heaven I can go up to bed soon. She won’t be allowed up there.

Phew! That’s a relief.


I’ll be safe up here in our bedroom. Human’ll be up soon and I can go to sleep. In fact ………………… I’m ………….. feeling………… quite dozy ………… already …….

What can I smell? It’s that damned Lily again. She’s up here. She’s come into my bedroom.


What the hell’s Human up to? It’s well past Lily’s bedtime. She’s only two.

At last. She’s gone. My Doggles are on. Goodnight.


She’s still following us around. What a wimp. I never used to do that.

Today in the park is good. Lily stays nearby, but she’s not following me all the time.  She’s sniffing everywhere. And when other dogs come up, they sniff her instead of me. Thankfully. I hate being sniffed.

We all go to bed quite early. B. good job, as well. Human gets up at 4.30 this morning and goes downstairs. I can smell the garden. She must be letting that dog out. She’s paying too much attention to her. I slept through the night when I was two. And I was outside on my own. Pups nowadays don’t know they’re born.

Perhaps she’ll go home tomorrow.


Sigh. She’s still here.

You’ll not believe this. Human makes me share the back seat with Lily, and, even worse, the nasty creature leans on me. Ew! Very scary. I flatten myself against the door.

God, she’s a pest. Can’t imagine why Human makes such a fuss of her.

But I have a smashing time in Highbury Park again. Lily doesn’t even keep checking on me. She hangs out with Dougie and Fergie.

I don’t think Fergie likes her much. I can smell her now. She’s running past me with his ball in her mouth.

Good news. Lily’s just met Bo. They’re chasing each other up and down the stream and round and round the trees. Every time they go past, water flies off them. But at least they  smell much cleaner than they did before.

I don’t smell. Ever.







They’re so immature. I play by myself for hours. I like it that way.

Now I’m lying on the mat by the front door. That Lily keeps making nasty smells.

But at least she’s not following me.

Hopefully, she’ll go to sleep.





Thank goodness for that.


Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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4 Responses to Isis has a visitor

  1. Amber Lipari says:

    Very amusing post 🙂 But I sense underlying seriousness; is Lily’s human going to be alright? It’s very good of you to keep her, and even if Isis isn’t exactly HAPPY about it, it sounds like she’s handling the situation quite well!


    • Thanks.

        Just heard Lily’s owner’s home. Haven’t taken Lily home yet as J. home late evening. Will find out tomorrow what hospital’s verdict is.
        Previous guesses were diverticulitis or colitis. She was in a lot of pain.


  2. Jane McKears says:

    What a lovely story; really made me laugh. Hope Lily’s Mum is OK xx


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