Nora’s holiday



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Wednesday June 28th 2017


On Tuesday evening, while Isis is happily playing on the field above the old bowling green, we meet P. and Nora.

Nora is only fourteen months old and just a little smaller than Wilda.




Nora, P. begins to tell me, has just returned from her first holiday. Well, she has visited friends and relatives before, of course, but this time she stayed in a B&B. with her humans, her best friend Milo and his humans.

At this point, we are interrupted by the disappearance of Isis whom I suspect has popped through the hole in the hedge leading to the old bowling green. Unnerved by her vanishing act in Highbury park on Sunday, I scramble through the hole to check on her. P., who is very tolerant, ducks through after me.

Sure enough, there is Hairy One cavorting beneath her fir tree.

While Nora regards her with undisguised surprise, P. shows me some beautiful landscape images taken from outside the B&B.

Soon we are interrupted once again by Isis popping back through the hole. Once more I follow her. Sensibly, P. goes for the more dignified round-the-hedge route this time.

Fortunately, Isis takes a shine to a large tree surrounded by interesting shrubs and obligingly dances round it for the next thirty minutes, and a friendly little cockapoo arrives to play with Nora, so, at last, I hear about her holiday.

P. and R. kindly let me have some of their impressive holiday images for the blog.

Here is Nora en route, a little puzzled, perhaps, about why her biscuits and bed are in the boot, but keen to find out where they’re going.






She soon finds out, and thinks it’s a real hoot.

Milo’s not so sure, but he’ll reserve judgement.




So this is what a ‘dog friendly’ B&B is. Rather like it.



The accommodation is excellent. The walks are brilliant.



But this is a bit embarrassing.




Stop wriggling Milo. If we want more holidays like this one, we just have to indulge our humans.


Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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2 Responses to Nora’s holiday

  1. Amber Lipari says:

    What an adorable duo 🙂


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