very good news



Thursday August 31st 2017


Brilliant news! A has just told me that Shimono (still not sure how her name is spelled) is back home.

Apparently, she had been taken to Birmingham Dogs’ Home.



I’ve not been able to get to Highbury this week, but I can imagine how hugely relieved her owner is.

I guess it’s still a mystery how she got from A to B without being spotted.

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6 Responses to very good news

  1. Kerry Gross says:

    Phew! It is the worst pain possible not knowing where your dog is. I remember when my first dog Benjamin got stuck down a fox hole for 42 hours, and you know what he did after my father and I dug him out? Tried to go back down again!


  2. Amber Lipari says:

    Oh my goodness, this is fabulous news! So happy 🙂 I wonder how the Dog’s Home knew how to find the owner – microchip? Or perhaps the owner was just calling around everywhere looking for her…


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