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Wednesday January 17th 2018


Monday morning comes. Not only is the day obligingly dull but there’s a light rain falling. Perfect Isis weather.

Hmmmm. It was a dull day yesterday, I muse, nigh on perfect Isis weather but still the little toad refused to leave the road.

The Pet Angels arrive. R guides Hairy One’s spotty nose and waving tail between the gates and off they go.

I wait apprehensively but no-one is brought home in disgrace.

A very long time later, there’s a triumphant return. Isis has excelled herself, R. tells me. She walked briskly to the park without a qualm and had a wonderful time quarrying for a tree root in the park.

She is damp, muddy, very, very happy and not at all eager to to rush back home.

R.has a video to show me. Isis is digging very energetically. Suddenly, she stops and turns towards R. “And?”, she appears to be asking.

I love it. It’s brilliant. Unfortunately, WordPress has been playing silly beggars lately, refusing to accept phone generated photos and videos, so I can’t include it on the blog but R. kindly posts it on my Facebook timeline.




Today it’s cold, bright and clear. R and I know that the sun will be too much for Isis, so I take her into The Lane.

The gate is proving to be as useful as I hoped it would. Now I don’t even have to clip Isis  onto the elastic running belt round my waist. She knows where we’re going and trots with me down the garden before standing in front of the gate in waggy anticipation.



She’s never quite as keen to return through the gate at the end of the hour though, so we have to take the belt and long lead with us. In addition, I carry a black bin bag to cover the plastic garden chair which now sits on the other side of the gate, and Hairy One’s snake, currently her favourite toy.

As soon as I open the gate, she bursts merrily into the lane before pausing to decide what she’ll do first.




Her choice today is galloping up and down the lane. I like this choice: she remains in full view so I can sit on my chair and just enjoy watching her.



Then she sniffs out Snake whom I have tossed onto the grass. He needs a vigorous shake, of course, before she trots off with him.





And when it’s time to go home, what an obedient little dog she is. Instead of shooting off in the opposite direction as is her wont, she stands still to allow me to clip on her lead and then walks with me to the gate.

Once in the garden she is set free and we make our way towards the house. She’s a happy dog and full of confidence.

Then, wham! She walks into a band of sunlight lying on the grass. Her ears flatten, her tail goes down. She backs towards the fence and cowers, paralysed.

She’ll not move until I put my hand on her collar and guide her towards the back  door. Unfortunately, there’s another sun band lurking on the doorstep. She’s desperate to get inside but she stands still as, keeping one hand on her neck, I unlock the door with the other.

She seems to trust me to keep her safe.

I’m very touched, little dog.


Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

Human is doing OK. It’s the sixth day of the reduced steroid dose now but the swelling is minimal and the pain greatly reduced.


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3 Responses to after the rain the sun

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lovely story, and great photos. Glad your health is improving xx


  2. Amber Lipari says:

    Did I miss something? Is the gate a new addition? It sure sounds like Isis has had a great couple of days! Which means you have, too, I suppose 🙂 Glad you are still feeling (relatively) better!


    • I thought that I had mentioned it, but I’ve just checked and I haven’t. Yes, it is new, Todd the odd job man put it in for me just after Christmas. Thanks. I’ll tell the tale in the next blog!
      Thank you too for your kind thoughts. I feel lucky that the steroids have helped so much. Fingers crossed for Tuesday.


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