out the gate and into the lane



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Sunday February 25th 2018



Amazingly, on this bitterly cold day, am I sitting out in the lane at the bottom of the garden while Hairy One cavorts on the grass.

We’ve been here well over an hour now and I’m still not cold. It’s surprising how warm the winter sun can be.

Mind you, I do have a lot of clothes on. We’ll skip the first layer. Too much information for a late Sunday afternoon, I think.

So, beginning with the next layer, I am clad in: thermal vest, long sleeved, polo-necked cotton jumper, long sleeved acrylic jumper, fleece, neck warmer, padded coat, scarf and woolly hat. My nether regions sport full length jersey leggings beneath cord trousers. I have on two pairs of gloves, one pair fingerless, made of wool, and knitted for me by my mother, when, as a student, I did a postal round in the Christmas vacations; the other, incredibly warm, insulated ski mittens which I bought in TK Max out of season.

This animal I’m watching is something else. As usual, she hasn’t stopped running, leaping, twisting and turning since she arrived ninety minutes ago.

I lie. Once or twice, after a successful snake hunt, and having given Snake a good shake, she has lain on the grass for a few seconds, tail wagging, and finished him off with a hearty chomp.

Such energy. I could never have imagined it when I first set eyes on her. Are all podengos like this?

Oh, I forgot to mention that she had been bouncing around on the rug in the front room for the best part of an hour before we came out.

I’m delighted that I invested in a garden gate. It’s made life so much better for Isis and me on days it’s not been possible for her to go to the park.

Must admit, it’s getting somewhat chilly now. My typing hand, temporarily divested of its outer glove, is actually cold.

Right, little one, you’ve had an hour and forty-five minutes out here.

Time to go in.










Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact kerry@aeza.org or  www.dogwatchuk.co.uk

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4 Responses to out the gate and into the lane

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lucky Isis to have such a loving owner 🙂


  2. Amber Lipari says:

    Her energy truly is astounding! All of mine sleep about 20 hours of the day, lol. You certainly are a wonderful dog owner to brave the cold like that 🙂


    • It is to me, even though I know she’s a young dog. Most dogs seem to take a breather even if only for a minute or two. Your dogs deserve to have a rest in their old age – look how much energy they devoted to digging up your back yard in your last house. The house probably subsided after you left!
      As for being a wonderful owner – could YOU stand her doing all her leaping indoors?!!
      To be honest, she loves the outdoors so much I feel terribly guilty if she doesn’t have her outing.


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