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Wednesday October 24th 2018


It’s fun having a car. I’m doing all sorts of doggy fun things already and I’ve only been to Highbury twice.

One day I sniff out a good pine tree




and make an Isis nest in it.




Then I snuffle and snuffle until I catch a very interesting scent. It gets stronger and stronger. Then, suddenly, it disappears into the grass.

I know someone is hiding down there.




So I have to dig a hole.

I dig and dig and dig and dig.

I work so hard I have to stop for a rest.

I sit next to my hole and wait.




You’d think Human would notice how tired I am and help me, wouldn’t you?


I’ve mud on my whiskers and my tongue is hanging out.




I pant as loudly as I can but she doesn’t lift a finger.


Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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