Isis and Raja



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Sunday November 4th 2018


Today I open an email which informs me ‘Kelly Heyworth Gross mentioned you on Facebook.’

When I check this out I find an interesting image.







Now, who does this remind you of?

Yes, and me.

This is Raja, another dog who, with her brother Robin, was rescued from being chained. Raja can see with her right eye at present, apparently, but not her left.

I don’t know whether or not she is deaf.

Kelly comments, “this is very likely to be a relation of Isis.”

I look at the photo again; actually, I scrutinise it this time, checking off every feature.

At first glance I thought the two dogs have a very different body build. But they don’t. When I feel Hairy One’s outline beneath all the thick hair, and when she’s soaking wet from heavy rain or a bath, the body build is the same.






The quality of their coat looks exactly the same, although Raja’s coat is much shorter. She may, of course, have been trimmed while in rescue. The hair on her flank is long and wispy, just like Hairy One’s. It’s long on her tail too, and the way she is holding her tail is just like the way Isis holds hers when she feels nervous or uncertain.

Both have shorter hair on their legs, and little tufts about their feet. Their colouring is uncannily similar, as is the shape of of their muzzles and the way the hair grows around their chins.

Raja’s ears are not so fly away as Isis’s but the shape is the same.

And just look at those spotty noses.


Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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8 Responses to Isis and Raja

  1. Kerry Gross says:

    Kerry please, I hate being called Kelly!


    • Grovel, grovel. Sorry sorry sorry! I didn’t even know I’d done that. I know you’re Kerry, Kerry 😞. If I were ever to transgress again, just address me as ‘ Patricia’ which I hate being called. X Pat


  2. Kerry Gross says:

    The places they were rescued from were within 2km of each other


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