how to drive yourself crazy



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Friday February 1st 2019


Yes. It’s not difficult to drive yourself crazy. You do, of course, require a little help from fate; but that does not seem too difficult to come by.

Now,  I knew that I would have to replace my car. Fair enough, it was fifth hand and over nineteen years old.

The demise of the washing machine three weeks ago was unexpected but that was old too, I guess. Eventually that was sorted, though not before seven bags of washing had accumulated.

Never mind, one  must be philosophical: I’m OK. Isis and Daisy are OK. And last week was a new week, wasn’t it?

It was, and on Tuesday the computer screen departed.

Next day one of my front teeth dropped out.

Never mind, I have others.

M. diagnoses the screen problem: I need just a new monitor.

OK. New monitor.

What’s driving me crazy is trying to access the blog and everything else on the iPod. I love the iPod, which Adopted Niece gave me last year when she bought a new one, but being idle, I’ve only used it for catch up broadcasts.

Today it’s taken me three hours to order cat food, one canine item and to access the blog.


All I needed to tell  you was that Isis and I hope to resume normal service next Sunday ALL BEING WELL.

It was quite cathartic to moan though.
















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