Isis – you could take her anywhere



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Sunday March 24th 2019


Could you take Isis anywhere?

Not quite.

But there is a huge, and, I think, substantive, improvement in her doggie dining room demeanour.

I’ll not bore you again with the details of her past off the wall – literally – behaviour, her temporary improvements, her repeated lapses and my many training, retraining, re-retraining and re-re-retraining efforts.

I’ll just admit that the lack of twice daily canine hysteria is a great relief.

It’s so liberating to be able to stay in the kitchen while she’s eating instead of having to banish myself to another room in case I accidentally walk in front of the window and create a threatening shadow. It’s even better to be able to use the sink, or open the under sink cupboard without her feeling the need to defend her dish.

Even a couple of months ago I had to creep around, inch by inch, so she’d not be menaced by airborne vibrations. And I had to make sure that I remained at a distance of least three feet.

She needed to know that the hell raising wasn’t acceptable, so correction was necessary. But I think that time and experience have been equally, if not more important.

Anyway Human, stop pontificating and just enjoy her.

Look at the last week or two. Unbelievably, I manage to walk past her several times while she is eating, and she doesn’t lurch into instant hysteria.

Admittedly, once she gives a quick yip.

Fair enough, it is one of her sardine nights.





Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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