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Thursday August 15th 2019


First, apologies from Human, who hoped to return to her saga yesterday. Her intentions were beyond reproach, but she fell asleep with Isis on the day bed. When she came round at  2.15 a.m., it was already today, so to speak.

She returned on Tuesday from a week away staying with friends in Uppingham (the other side of Leicester.)

The holiday was very enjoyable: stimulating, peaceful and relaxing.

The days leading up to it, however, were anything but.

As we know, Daisy had been back and forth to the vets for about six weeks threatening to quit this life, and was only just beginning to come round.

Fortunately, Emma, cat sitter par excellence, came to look after her.

Although she’s not eating as much as she needs, Daisy’s digestive system recovered day by day, and is now better than it’s been for years.







I’d made an appointment for Isis (anal gland time again) for Monday August 5th, the day before she was to go into kennels. I knew that her vaccination was due in August and looked at her record to check the date. There was no entry for last year, so I assumed that I’d not taken the record with me at the time.

To my horror, the vet could find no record of Hairy One having had a booster last year. I couldn’t believe it, but, clearly, she hadn’t. She needed to begin again.

The vet asked whether I wanted Isis to have a kennel cough shot. This seemed a good idea, so she went through the pros and cons, the last of which was that a dog should not have a kennel cough shot if anyone in the home had a compromised immune system.

“I do,” I acknowledged, “But I’ll only be with her until tomorrow because she’s going into kennels.”

Then the vet dropped a bombshell. She told me that some kennels will not accept a dog unless s/he has had the kennel cough vaccination, but it has to have been done at least three weeks before.

She kindly checked out Holly Trees online.  They do not insist on the vaccination.


But they do state that all vaccinations have to have been completed at least four weeks before the dog comes in.

Yikes! What should we do?

The vet thought that since Isis had been vaccinated annually until last year, and I had used the kennels for over forty years, they might well feel O.K. about accepting her even if she had only just had the first of the two shots required. But it would be a good idea to speak to them before the first half of the vaccination was given.

The vet kindly held on for thirty minutes while I tried to phone Holly Trees, but I was unable to get through. Eventually, we decided that while Isis might not be accepted if she’d only  just had the shot, she’d be just as likely to be rejected because she’d not had her booster the year before.

So she was vaccinated.

An hour later, when I got through to Holly Trees, T. told me she was sure everything could be sorted out when we got there.






These humans ……..


Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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7 Responses to these humans!

  1. Jane McKears says:

    Interesting! I am pleased that Isis was able to go as planned. I do wonder why, if vaccinations are generally compulsory for going in to kennels, why they are able to make exceptions. Either they are vital or they are not. Martha had her vaccinations the first two years I had her and each time was so ill afterwards that she has not had had them the last three years xx


    • I think she was accepted because the initial vaccinations all dogs should have give the animals immunity. Others, like the kennel cough one have to be done annually. Poor Martha. I didn’t know dogs reacted like that to the standard vaccine.


      • Jane McKears says:

        Judging from Facebook comments it seems that quite a few dogs react to the vaccines. There is also some controversy about why dogs have to be vaccinated so much more frequently than humans with one cynical suggestion that there is cost involved. Xx


      • Oh yes, vaccinations are a vet’s mainstay.


  2. Amber Lipari says:

    Wow, that is strict! Kennels here require all vaccinations and Bordatella, but I don’t think they care how long it’s been since they had them. I remember having to run mine by for a quick Bordatella before taking them to the kennel!


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