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Posting day: Sunday, and, sometimes, maybe, extra bits in between.

First, apologies for the non-appearance of Isis news yesterday, and even more, for the non-appearance of even a quick explanation.

Human has succumbed.


Monday December 16th 2019


Yes, indeed. Following a sore throat week, during which I smugly remind myself that I (almost) never catch colds, and will have recovered by the next morning, I find myself trying to sleep with a toilet roll wedged under my nose. (Said nose is too sore to blow.)

For the best part of a week, other than taking care of Hairy One’s needs, I do virtually nothing but sleep; most of the time I sleep with Isis on the day bed. What a treat for her, but she’s not as thrilled as she should be. She thinks I should keep still and take up much less space.

We only go for one park visit a day. It’s all I can stay upright for, but not nearly enough for Isis who must compensate by playing thunderous games at home with her snake and her squeaky tiger.

How is it that so much clutter accumulates everywhere, I wonder, dolefully, since I’m spending so little time awake?

As the weekend draws closer, I worry that some overwhelming symptom – such as folding legs – will suddenly hit me and I’ll not be able to meet up with J and V on Saturday.

Fortunately, I make it and we have a lovely afternoon.

Isis is less impressed with her afternoon. She is left for half an hour over the four hour deadline. She is perfectly aware of this, and has a paw on the RSPCA phone button when I arrive home.

I let her out, feed her and then crash on the day bed with her. There I remain until dog’s bedtime, and there I return once the bedtime treats routine is done. Isis sighs deeply as she settles to sleep. She wishes to hell I’d go sleep in my own bed.

On Sunday at twelve thirty my friend K phones to say she’s coming round in fifteen minutes, so I stumble upstairs to get dressed.

K brings Christmas presents for me and for Isis; even better, she brings portions of the family sized curry she’s made, and a pile of chapattis. Wonderful. All I have to do is put the meal in the microwave.

After a late walk with Isis, and before allowing myself to sleep again, I lounge on the day bed and eat the curry. It’s good, and, what’s more it seems to clear my airways!

No, I don’t forget about posting. Every time I come too, I promise myself I’ll get up later and post. As the night wears on, I swear I’ll at least post an apology.

I don’t. At three in the morning, I abandon all my good intentions.

This morning I let Isis out at eight and give her her breakfast. Then back to the day bed. I’ll just have this coffee and then we’ll go out.

But after the coffee I go back to sleep.

When I get up again at twelve, I find that the common British cold has reached the ‘you’ll not choke as long as you don’t breathe through your mouth or speak’ stage. Fortunately, I can now breathe through my nose again. What a forgotten pleasure.

I feel much better. No sweats, no shivers, no aching limbs. I can even swap the kitchen roll for a single pocketful of tissues.

I’m very lucky. Isis is a patient animal. She never fusses when it’s time to eat or go out. Even when the wait for her walk must feel interminable, she doesn’t complain.

You’ve been such a good girl, my Isis.

Better days ahead, we hope!



No, the park most definitely does not look like a bit like this at the moment. It’s a summer image to cheer ourselves up.




Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact kerry@aeza.org or www.dogwatchuk.co.uk



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8 Responses to what blog?

  1. Ian Simkin says:

    Get well soon kiddo xxx


  2. Hazel says:

    Hi ,just read your blog sooooo funny and Ithink I may know you My names Hazel and if you remember these names you’ll know who I am Richard,Joe,alan .


    • Aw, thank you Hazel for taking the trouble to tell me. It’s lovely to know when someone enjoys the blog. Now you’ve got me thinking. I’m usually good at names. I know a Hazel who had a cousin called Alan. If that’s not you, please give me another clue.


      • Beatrice Alexander says:

        Hi sorry pat don’t want to seem a nosy Parker ,but when I came across your blog Your name rang a bell and a few other things see to click you may not even be in my age group which is elderly 😂 it does seem I may have the wrong person have you heard of the uffculmne clinic by any chance .if not I’ll leave it there and just carry on enjoying your blog.


      • It didn’t occur to me that you are a nosy parker! I’m happy that you’ve read the blog. Yes, definitely in your age group, among the creaky ones! And yes, I know Uffculme well. I’ve been a user there. I’m intrigued. Hope I hear from you again.


      • Hazel says:

        Hi pat I was a guest at uffcullme about 1983 I remember some people who were in my group well even though it was long ago some made a lasting impression,there was a lovely quiet shy man in the group called Pete a very colourful young girl called yasmin and another slightly older blonde girl who lived in mosely I think her name was yoanna.and of course yourself if it’s the right pat you sound so like her as I remember her as a lovely kind person who was always ready to listen .maybe some of the names will mean something,but it was a long time ago ,but my stay there always remains with me .hazel


      • Hi Hazel. It’s brilliant to hear from you. I sent an email last week. Did you get it? Hope I didn’t put you off with all my questions.


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