Isis speaks her mind


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Sunday October 17th 2021


I have had a horrible time. Human should be ashamed of herself.

Don’t forget that I went for my speshul scritch fiting injection only a week and two days ago.

Well, this Friday Human and I go for a nice walk in Highbury Park. Lots of walking, and lots to sniff.

When I get in the car to go home, I settle down as usual, looking forwood to getting back, having my mini treat, and then streching out on Human’s feet while she has her coffee.







But when we leave the park, we turn the rong way. ‘This is strange,’ I think. But I don’t say anything.

When the car stops and she opens my door, I can smell where I am.

It’s the Dog Doctor’s again. Well, I usually smell cats and sometimes rabbits and other small, furry things, so it’s not only for dogs. We’re the most important tho.

What is going on? I shouldn’t be here again. I spect she’s made a mistake. She often makes them. In a minute, we’ll tern round and go home.

She makes me get out. She sits down on the bench. I stand next to her. I wunder if I can get back in the car. Wud she notis? I do a little tug on my lead.

She’s still on the other end.

After I stand around for ages, a man comes out. He bends down. He must be speaking to me. I can’t hear a thing, so it’s a bit of a silly thing to do.

Anyway Human does her tapping thing, and makes me go in with her.

I don’t like it. I can smell scaired animals.

Human makes me walk in front of her. We follow Dog Doctor down the corridor. Oh my dog! The smells are wers here. He holds the door open. I want to go home. I turn round quickly. Sumtimes if I do that, it makes her fall over. But she doesn’t fall over. She terns me round again.

I’m NOT going in there. I went in last week. It’s not fair. I stand very, very still and grip the carpit with my nice, long claws. I AM NOT GOING IN THAT ROOM.

Then she pushes my bottom. She pushes very hard. She makes me go in.

I’m fritened. I can feel my back leg shaking. Human strokes my leg and my head. She’s pretending she cares about me. She doesn’t. If she did, she would take me home.

I get terned round. She sits on a chair and strokes my head. She keeps stroking me. Dog Doctor stands in front of me.

I feel vibrayshuns. He’s talking to Human. Human is talking back to him.

He feels me all over. He lifts my tail. Ugh.Then he holds up my ear. I hate it wen peeple do that. I can feel him breathing into it. When he stops, I shake my head to put my ear back in the right place. Then he does the same to the other ear. Then he ecsamins my eyes.

Next he opens my mouth. He must be looking at my teeth. Dam cheek.

I’m glad wen he opens the door and goes away. Good. We can go home. Quick! Quick – before he comes back.

But Human doesn’t stand up. She pats me and kisses my head. That’s no dam help.

He comes in again, and waves something around close to the back of my neck. Don’t know what he’s doing, but I know he didn’t ask me if he could do it.

That’s the werst thing abowt been a animal. Nobody asks you what you want or don’t want.

He puts something cold on my chest.

He sticks sumthing sharp in me.

Oh dog! This tore meant must be over now.

Oo! What’s happening?

Human is lifting me up. Now she’s putting me down. I am high up. I won’t be able to xcape. I can feel cold metul on my pads.

Human is holding my head. That’s a bad sine.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Horrable. Horrable! Help me! Help me! For dog’s sake help me. He’s lifting up one of my frunt paws. He’s lifting the hair away from my pads. He’s pushing something cold and hard on my toe nails. He’s pressing on it.

Save me, Human! Save me! He’s chopping off my paws.

She isn’t doing a thing to save me. She’s holding my head so I can’t bite him. I growl. Not too loud, in case he murders me.

It goes on and on. He puts my frunt paw down. Thank dog.

Owwwwwwwwww! He’s lifted up a back paw now. He’s chopping me again.

He’s finished with this paw now. Aaaaaaaaaarg! No he hasn’t. He’s chopping further up wair my big curly nail is. It hurts. He keeps on doing it. Human turns me round and he starts on my other feet.

At last she puts me back on the floor.

Then he opens my mouth again. I think he’s counting my teeth. How can people be so dam nosey?

Human stands up. At last. We’ve been here for hours and hours.

I can’t beleeve wot my person has let Dog Doctor do to me.

When we are back in the car, I get a big treat. I shud dam well think so.

I’ve never been so releaved to be going home.

I don’t feel like lying on Human’s feet.

I just have to keep licking my nails. They’re still here, but they feel very P.Q. lee-er.

How cud she let peepul do such crule things to me?

I thort she loved me.


Isis came from Aeza cat and dog rescue in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or go to


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