our walks: (i) be careful what you wish for!



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Sunday June 12th 2022


I couldn’t have made this up!

Today we’ll go to Jasmine Fields, I decide.  On the way, I’m thinking that there’s nothing much to post about. This week has been pleasant, we’ve had good walks but they’ve been uneventful.

We’ve been to most of our favourite places, but nothing blogworthy has occurred.

Aha! A lightbulb moment. Why not look at each of our walks in turn from Isis’s point of view smell. I’ll keep an even keener eye than usual on what appears to be going on for her.

We park on the kerbside opposite the gate. She’s always reluctant to cross this road and walk down the short drive which leads to the gate. I think this is because several years ago, as we made our way towards the gate, the sun popped out and terrified her.

Today it’s sunny but there’s no sun-in, sun-out fluctuation. Slowly, we move forwards, her tail between her legs.



Once we’re in the field, her tail pops up again. I remove her harness and off she trots.



Because I prefer to cross the field and take the first track into the woods, Isis chooses to turn right and sniff for a less well-trodden path.

Yes, she’s sure there’s one she likes just here somewhere.



Yes, she thought so.

But Human will proably block it off, so she can’t go down it.

Best to nip in quickly, then Human’s sure to let her carry on.





Yes, she’s far enough in now; it’s safe to stop and make sure that Human is following – it isn’t that she’s not perfectly capable of walking on her own of course, she’s thinking, but humans can be useful.

Yes, just as she thought, Human is following her. She can feel Human’s leg touching her. Now it’s safe to explore.

And what an interesting track she’s chosen.



It’s always best for a dog to trust her nose.

Hmm. so many exciting smells.


We walk on.

We aren’t allowed to go over the edge of the path to reach the canal. It’s dangerous.






Nor should we try this way. A dog could slip and hurt herself.

Human went down this next one once, but she didn’t take me.



Now I’m a brave dog, I enjoy the canal path. I don’t worry about the shadows any more. Well, not much, anyhow. I can smell Human ahead, but I take my time, and sniff my way all along the edges of the path. The smells just get better and better.


Hmmmm. This scent is absolutely wonderful. Must have another sniff.

Isis is in her element. She’s come across a must-have scent.

Every time I glance back, she’s sniffing the same plants.

I walk on.


Good gracious, that’s a damn big bird. Must be a hell of a hefty heron. Must check it out.

I swing round.

Can’t see anything in the canal.

And the path behind me is deserted. Silly dog! She must have lost my scent and walked back the way we’ve come.

Suddenly, the loud splosh and the absence of Isis connect in my brain.


Oh my dog!

I begin to run.

Soon, in the distance, through the canalside plants, I spot a little white head.

She’s in the canal!

I gallop towards her.

She’s holding up her head, swimming to stay afloat and at the same time frantically scrabbling with her front paws, trying to grab at the bank to drag herself out.

The bank is too high above her: there’s no way she can get out.

I skid to a halt, kneel down and reach for her collar. She moves around and I miss, and miss again. And again. Then she comes closer. I manage to grasp her and begin to haul her upwards.

As soon as she feels me pulling her collar, she begins to claw at the bank.

Together, we manage to heave her onto terra firma.

Once she emerges, of course, she shakes herself vigorously, again and again.

We’re both soaked.



Well, we certainly have something to post!


To be continued ……..


Isis came from Aeza cat and dog rescue in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact kerry@azea.org or go to http://www.dogwatch.co.uk.








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2 Responses to our walks: (i) be careful what you wish for!

  1. How scary! I’m so glad you managed to grab her and get her out.


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