a present for Isis

September 2nd 2014

Ca. has ‘phoned to inquire about Isis every day since The Hairy One arrived. Today, Ca. makes her first visit, bringing a present: a pink and blue squeaky toy. Ca. is captivated. We discuss names. Must sound similar to ‘Isis’.

‘Crisis’? Not yet. ‘Nices’ ? Hmm. ‘Spices’ ? Yes, ‘Spices’ sounds OK.

We walk in the park twice today and everyone wants to meet Isis. I explain about her sight and hearing.

Some say, “Oh, how sad.”  “No”, I say, “She’s not sad. She’s very happy.”

As I lean over her in the car to fasten her safety harness, she pick-pockets a treat from my jacket.

Jo comes to see her again and stays late talking.

Later, I notice that she has taken the old fleece into the garden.

All along, the late night pee has been a struggle. Once inside, Isis is afraid of the dark, panics and doesn’t want to go out again.

“I know it’s not safe.”


 Once out, she is startled by B.’s security light popping on from nowhere.

I take her out on the lead but this doesn’t help much. She is still too nervous to concentrate!

So, it’s a return to the waiting game. When she eventually begins to pee she is rewarded with a delicious chunk of jerky. This works. After a few days, I am able to entice her out without the lead. But I think it will be a very long time before she will venture out in the dark unaccompanied – which is fine ………when it’s not raining!

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1 Response to a present for Isis

  1. Loll says:

    What about calling her Iris if you are not too sure about the name Isis?
    Iris fits with the eye theme too.


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