a bed for a dog

Wednesday September 3rd

Isis feels better in the park today. I guess this is because it is a dull day and there are no shadows. She still does her passive resisting but eventually moves forward with the help of body blocking and much encouragement. She even gives one or two dogs a tentative sniff.

She is still very nervous of people. I have to keep explaining her circumstances and asking/reminding them not to touch her head, just to let her sniff their hand.

I order some lead slips with ‘I’m blind’ on them.

At home, she is more comfortable with the strange indoors, but wants to stay outside all day.

Tonight, I carefully edge a soft dog bed up to the back door. Isis inspects it with some suspicion, then steps in and curls.

It's OK as long as I stay by the door.

In a few hours, she’ll have been here a week!

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